Strategic Cooperation Establishing between CICC and SuMi TRUST

On October 16th, 2019, CICC and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc. (SuMi TRUST) held a ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding on strategic cooperation between the two parties. Key executives from both CICC and SuMi TRUST attended the ceremony, including Mr. Kenji Kaiya, Managing Executive Officer and Head of Asia Pacific Business of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank; Mr. Chu Gang, Chief Operating Officer of CICC; Mr. Ding Wei, Head of CICC’s Investment Management Business and Chairman of CICC Capital; and Mr. Xu Yicheng, Board Secretary and Head of Strategic Development Department of CICC.

During the ceremony, CICC and SuMi TRUST executives exchanged views on potential future collaborations between the two institutions and achieved multiple important mutual understandings. Both parties agreed that China and Japan are working together to build stronger bilateral relations, and both countries are opening up a New Era in China-Japan Relations. With deepening bilateral cooperation relations and highly complementary economies and trades of both countries, more frequent communications and collaborations in the industrial and financial fields between the two countries are expected. CICC and SuMi TRUST will jointly explore cross-border cooperation potentials in fields including investment management, investment banking, wealth management, fixed-income, equities, etc., promoting the interconnection of China-Japan capital markets.

As a financial holding company with Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank as its core, SuMi TRUST uses its professional expertise and comprehensive capabilities to provide unique values through a new business model that combines the banking, asset management, and real estate businesses. As Japan’s largest trust bank group with the most prestigious status, SuMi TRUST is actively expanding in global market and will work closely with CICC to create new values.

As a leading investment bank with Chinese roots and international reach, CICC will leverage its profound knowledge in both domestic and overseas markets, rich experience in cross-border business as well as outstanding professionalism, and work closely with SuMi TRUST to actively explore cross-border business opportunities and jointly provide a full range of financial services to clients and business partners in domestic and overseas markets.