World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 ?Financing and Investment Sub-Forum Successfully Held

Shanghai, August 30th, 2019 –China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) successfully hosted “Embracing a New Era of Disruptive Technologies and Intelligent Economy–Financing and Investment Sub-Forum” today in Shanghai as the exclusive organizer, which was one of the theme forums of "World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019" (WAIC 2019).

More than 1,000 guests, including government officials, top scientists at home and abroad, and leading investors and entrepreneurs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), were invited to attend the Sub-Forum, where they exchanged their opinions about the cutting-edge technologies in the field of AI and how financial capital can contribute to the evolution of AI. Through multi-level and multi-dimensional dialogues, the speakers provided abundant information about the future advancements of AI.

Mr. Wu Qing, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government, and Mr. Jiang Feng, President of Shanghai Stock Exchange, attended the forum and delivered speeches.

Mr. Bi Mingjian, CEO of CICC, expressed his gratitude to Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, speakers and guests. He said AI was currently the most strategic and challenging frontier technology field in the world, and was deeply integrated with big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT). The disruptive innovation of these digital technologies would drive us to reconstruct the industrial pattern and business model, which would bring significant changes and profound influence to the global economic and social development. CICC had always paid attention to the technology frontiers and application progress of AI, and had carried out in-depth research and extensive layout. The Investment Banking Department and CICC Capital, the platform of CICC private equity businesses, had repeatedly served and supported AI enterprises. He hoped CICC would continue strengthening cooperation with all parties to promote the advancement of AI technology and the development of SSE STAR Market in the future.

Launching the Research Reports on Emerging Industries and AI

In the Sub-Forum, CICC launched a compilation research report on emerging industries. CICC Capital had conducted extensive research and layout in digital technologies, including AI, big data, IoT, cloud computing and intelligent economy. The report integrated CICC Capital’s exploration and thoughts in the field of digital technologies in recent years.

Mr. Ding Wei, Head of CICC’s Investment Management Business and Chairman of CICC Capital, said CICC Capital would also actively respond to the national strategy, continue to conduct research on emerging industries, and make useful suggestions on industrial policies to promote the optimization of the investment environment and the development of industry in the future. He hoped to take this opportunity to deepen exchanges and cooperation with all circles in industry, capital and research.

Meanwhile, CICC launched a research report on AI industrial investment: AI+5G Promotes Social Changes: Watching for Top Ten Investment Opportunities. Mr. Huang Leping, the report’s lead analyst and Managing Director of CICC Research Department, gave a detailed interpretation of the report.

He said that 5G commercialization would open up new growth space for the development of China’s AI industry, and the more flexible listing mechanism of SSE STAR Market would also boost the development of AI enterprises. He estimated that AI+5G could directly generate $700 billion worth new industrial opportunity by 2023. He was optimistic about ten investment opportunities, including AI chip, cloud computing, cloud gaming, service robots, industrial internet, and digital transformation of corporates.

Scholars, Investors and Entrepreneurs Discussing the Forefront of AI Development

In the Sub-Forum, top scientists from Singularity University, University College London and Tokyo Institute of Technology shared the latest research progresses of AI technologies and how AI brought great changes to the economic and social development around the world.

Investors from top domestic and foreign investment institutions, including SVB Asia, Volcanics Venture, Advantage Partners, Joy Capital, IDG Capital, Dalton Venture, New Access Capital, Meridian Capital China, InnoAngel Fund, Yunfeng Capital, FreeS Fund, Vertex Ventures and CICC Capital, discussed in depth how financial capital could contribute to the evolution of AI and bring investment opportunities to the vertical field of AI.

Moreover, AI enterprise leaders, including UBTECH, UCloud Technology, 4Paradigm, Unisound, Mininglamp, Xiao-i Robot, DeepBlue and Squirrel AI Learning, also shared their current application status and future industrial layout of AI in various industries.

Focusing on SSE STAR Market; Interpreting New Opportunities for the Development of AI

SSE STAR Market, launched for more than a month, is the biggest highlight of China's capital market in 2019. Until now, 28 leading sci-tech innovation enterprises in subdivision field have successfully listed on the SSE STAR Market. Focusing on the SSE STAR Market, the Sub-Forum invited officials from regulatory bodies and important market participating institutions to summarize the overall issuance situation, and to interpret the latest development and changes of the SSE STAR Market. From the cross-border perspective, CICC also invited authorities from HKEX, NASDAQ, Partner of Davis Polk and President of Chongyang Investment to discuss the overseas issuance and trading system, and to share their observation of the SSE STAR Market.

Through the capital market reform, SSE STAR Market can promote economic transformation and upgrading, and help sci-tech innovation enterprises achieve leapfrog development. CICC has been gradually deploying innovative and technology industries since 2009. Until now, CICC has ranked the first in number of application projects for the SSE STAR Market.

Investors and Entrepreneurs Exploring Financing and Investment Opportunities

The Sub-Forum invited eight innovative AI startup companies—Moviebook, Siuvo, Beagledata, Operaterobot, Alpha Insight, Alva Systems, Rxthinking, and Skysys—with growth potential to hold roadshows, sharing their development status and future plans. Eight well-known fund managers from Dalton Venture, New Access Capital, Meridian Capital China, Volcanics Venture, InnoAngel Fund, Yunfeng Capital, FreeS Fund and CICC Capital conducted reviews for them. The Sub-Forum built a dialogue platform for investors and enterprises to promote financial service for the development of AI enterprises and accelerate the maturity and transformation of AI technology.

"Fund Supermarket" Building an Information Exchange Platform That Connects Industry and Financial Capital

As the highlight of the WAIC 2019, CICC also launched a "Fund Supermarket" exhibition platform during the Conference. "Fund Supermarket" invited 16 domestic and foreign investment institutions to set up booths on the spot, and invited star investors of various institutions to fully communicate with the guests. In the public roadshow area of "fund supermarket", 9 venture capital enterprises in the field of AI also conducted in-depth exchanges with guests, illustrating a blueprint for the development of AI. The “Fund Supermarket” built an information exchange platform that connected industry and finance capital through communication.

The WAIC 2019 • Financing and Investment Sub-Forum solely organized by CICC received favorable comments of all guests. CICC will continue to explore and support outstanding AI enterprises and further build bridges for finance capital and enterprises to realize effective interaction between financing and investment and help the development of AI industry.