World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 Financing and Investment Forum Unveiling Soon

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the core driving force of a new round of industrial transformation. It is exerting a profound influence on the world economy, social progress and people’s daily lives. The second annual "World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019" (WAIC 2019) will be held from August 29th to 31st, 2019.

At the upcoming three-day conference held in Shanghai, China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) will undertake “Embracing a New Era of Disruptive Technologies and Intelligent Economy” --- WAIC 2019 • Financing and Investment Sub-Forum on August 30th as the exclusive organizer. From the perspective of financing and investment, the forum will explore advanced technologies and depict a prospect of AI becoming the new engine of economy that stimulates advancements.

Government Officials, Scholars and Researchers Discussing the Forefront of AI Development

Many big names, such as relevant government officials and top scientists in the field of AI at home and abroad will participate in the WAIC 2019 • Financing and Investment Sub-Forum. They will be sitting together, sharing their authoritative views on the most cutting-edge AI technology, and illustrate a blueprint for the development of AI.

A number of investors from top domestic and foreign top investment institutions will also attend the Sub-Forum to discuss how financial capital can contribute to the evolution of AI and bring investment opportunities to the vertical field of AI. In the afternoon, around ten innovative AI startup companies will be invited to hold roadshows, with recognized investors conducting reviews for them. The interactions will allow the companies to showcase their businesses and communicate with top experts.

Focusing on SSE STAR Market; Interpreting New Opportunities for the Development of AI

The launch of SSE STAR Market has played a vital role in promoting the reform and development of China's capital market. As a key support area for SSE STAR Market, AI enterprises are witnessing new opportunities to make progress. Focusing on SSE STAR Market, the Sub-Forum will also invite officials from regulatory authorities, securities brokers, senior partners of foreign law firms and senior private equity investors of the A-share market to interpret SSE STAR Market, and to discuss how the capital market can help maximize the value of AI.

Gaining an Insight into the Development Prospects of AI and Emerging Industries

AI has been rapidly applied in many industries and will make GDP-level impacts in the coming years. Last year, CICC launched a thematic research report on AI Industrial Investment: AI in China: How Technologies Reshape Industries, analyzing how the advancement of four major AI technologies will transform ten important industries in terms of the application of industrial science. This year, CICC will continue to engage in AI technology’s application, and to provide insights on the industry’s future development.

"Fund Supermarket" Builds an Information Exchange Platform That Integrates Industrial and Financial Capital

In addition to the Sub-Forum, CICC will also launch a "Fund Supermarket" exhibition platform during the three-day Conference. "Fund Supermarket" will invite 20 domestic and foreign investment institutions and sci-tech innovation enterprises to set up booths on the spot. The “Fund Supermarket” will build an information exchange platform that integrates industry and finance capital through communication.

On September 18, 2018, the first WAIC was held in Shanghai. The Financing and Investment Sub-Forum, organized by CICC, was successfully held under the theme of “Enlightening a New Era by AI Investment.” About 1,200 guests from the government and the academia, as well as industry investors and entrepreneurs in AI, were invited to attend the Sub-Forum, where they exchanged opinions about the application of cutting-edge technologies and vertical areas in the field of AI. Through multi-level and multi-dimensional dialogues, the guests provided abundant information about the industrial status and future advancements of AI.

This year, we will further discuss the prominent trends of AI application, financing and investment. “Embracing a New Era of Disruptive Technologies and Intelligent Economy” --- WAIC 2019 • Financing and Investment Sub-Forum looks forward to your kind attention.