CICC Assists CIRC in Listing on the Main Board of HKEX

On July 6, 2018, China Isotope & Radiation Corporation (“CIRC”, or the “Company”, stock code: 01763) was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as the largest listed company in China’s isotopes and irradiation technology applications industry and the first nuclear technology application stock on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

CIRC is the leading enterprise in the field of isotopes and irradiation technology applications in China. The Company is primarily engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and sale of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and radioactive source products for medical and industrial applications. CIRC also provides irradiation service for sterilization purpose and EPC service for the design, manufacturing and installation of gamma ray irradiation facilities. In addition, the Company provides independent clinical laboratory services to hospitals and other medical institutions. China National Nuclear Corporation – the controlling shareholder of CIRC – has a complete nuclear technology industrial system, and CIRC represents one of its eight major industrial segments – the nuclear technology application platform. CIRC was the largest manufacturer of imaging diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, UBT kits and analyzers, and RIA kits in terms of revenue in 2017 in China, accounting for 40.4%, 78.0% and 35.0% of market share, respectively.

CIRC has the comprehensive product portfolio with industry-leading technologies, by the end of June 2018, its portfolio of pharmaceuticals included 54 registered radiopharmaceuticals for imaging diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, four registered UBT kits, ten registered UBT analyzers and 147 registered in vitro immunoassay diagnostic reagents and kits. The Company has established a nationwide sales network of products and services in China. As of December 31, 2017, the company’s sales network, comprising its own sales force, promoters and distributors, covering 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, has an extensive end-user base.

The smooth completion of the H-share IPO is another successful example of CICC’s provision of long-term capital market services for large SOEs and strategic clients. CICC assisted CIRC in preparing for its IPO since 2012 and formally started the H-share IPO process for the Company in 2016. In the past six years, CICC has provided comprehensive and high-quality capital operation advice and investment banking services for CIRC, and eventually assisted the Company in successfully landing on the H-share market. The H-share listing has built for CIRC an international financing platform, and therefore laying a solid foundation for the accelerated strategic expansion and leap-frog development of the Company. During the long-term cooperation, CICC has always been closely monitoring the market and regulatory dynamics and safeguarding the client’s core interests in business development and capital operation with continuous high-quality investment banking services, which fully demonstrated the value of a top-tier investment bank.

As a leading investment banking adhering to core values of “People Oriented, with Nation in Mind, and Chinese Roots and International Reach”, CICC has always been committed to providing clients with high quality value-added financial services. On the basis of its unparalleled capital market experience and close interaction of domestic and overseas business, CICC will continuously contribute to the capitalization development of Chinese enterprises.