CICC Capital Officially Established

CICC Capital Management Co., Ltd. (CICC Capital), established on March 6, 2017, is CICC’s exclusive privately offered fund management institution. CICC Capital qualified as the institution of privately offered investment funds by Asset Management Association of China on December 13, 2017.

CICC Capital carries out business of domestic and foreign privately offered funds. CICC Capital aims to become a privately offered fund management platform which possesses comprehensive middle and back office services, strong brand influence as well as outstanding financing and investment capabilities. In the meantime, CICC Capital continues to pursue product and business expansion by further diversifying product lines, and expanding industrial and geographical coverage. Currently, the fund types managed by CICC Capital include government venture capital funds, stock economic reform funds, U.S fund of funds, U.S equity investment funds, RMB equity investment funds and M&A funds.

As of December 30, 2017, the overall size of AUM of CICC Capital reached approximately RMB200,000 million.

CICC Capital strives to deliver strong returns for investors. We consistently explore new, innovative investment and business models, while at the same time cultivating full-spectrum, multi-tier privately offered funds investment capabilities, strengthening our management and operation systems, and building the CICC Capital brand.

The core competitive edge of CICC Capital lies in the strength of its platform. The powerful supports from front-desk departments such as Research and Equities Department of CICC, as well as supports from back-stage departments including risk control and internal quality control, contributes to comprehensive competitiveness of CICC Capital.

CICC’s Comprehensive Edges as an Investment Bank

CICC can provide supports to the companies which are invested by CICC Capital’s funds in listing, M&A, financing, overseas strategic M&A and cooperation.

Trusting Relationship with Government and Clients

CICC Capital or its subsidiary fund management institutions are Manager of National FOF (Fund of Funds) of rising industries and Managers of several local government industrial funds. CICC Capital established mutually trusting relationship with a group of institutional clients and high-net-worth clients through long-term cooperation.

Solid Foundation of Middle and Back Office Services

Solid middle and back office services provide strong support to business development;

Stable middle and back office services attract more professional investment teams.

Rigorous Risk Management

Emphasizing on risk and risk-awareness lie at the root of CICC corporate culture;

CICC Capital continuously improves risk control system and tools in accordance with business growth, and builds a comprehensive risk management system.

Top Research Competence

CICC research team covers over 40 industries and more than 1000 companies listed in the stock exchanges based in mainland China, Hong Kong, New York and Singapore;
Over two thirds of research reports are bilingual in both Chinese and English.