CICC FI Research Team Tops the New Fortune & Capital Week Awards

New Fortune and Capital Week respectively released the full list of the 15th (2017) “New Fortune Best Analyst Award” and the 11th (2017) “Crystal Ball Awards for Sell-side Analysts Award” recently. Amid fierce competitions for these prestigious awards, CICC Fixed Income Research team has topped both awards based on outstanding research results and excellent client services. These honors continue to demonstrate our high professional standard and leading position in China’s Fixed Income Research, and will further strengthen CICC’s reputation and influence.

CICC Fixed Income Research team has been winning the New Fortune and Crystal Ball awards for many years. Our team has 20 full-time research staff and is one of the strongest presences in China’s Fixed Income Research field. We are the only sell-side research team that has a full coverage of China’s vast stock of credit bonds. We are known for our mature research framework, complete coverage, clarity of opinions, solid logic, and rapid response.

These honors, once achieved, became past glories.  CICC Fixed Income Research team will move forward with more enthusiasm and efforts. Diligent to think and agile in action, our team will continue to practice with CICC’s high standards and strict requirements, contribute toward further developments of China’s Fixed Income Markets with humbleness.