Fortune Top 500 Chinese Companies for Year 2017 Released—Compiled by Fortune and CICC

Fortune (China) has officially published the list of the Top 500 Chinese Companies of this year on Jul. 31, 2017. This list, compiled by Fortune (China) and the Wealth Management Department of CICC, has always been the focus of economic circles for its authority and wide influence. The Wealth Management Department of CICC, leveraging its professional team and based on the principle of fairness and objectivity, collects and analyzes the data exposed by listed companies. It has compiled the list with Fortune (China) for the third consecutive year.

The list has gained the attention of mainstream media and economic circles and was widely disseminated once released. It shows that, benefiting from a prosperous real estate market, 24 real estate enterprises listed on the Fortune 500 has experienced an increase of more than 30% in revenue for year 2016 and the rankings of the most real estate enterprises have been improved. In addition, the “New Economy” industry, represented by Internet service and media, performed so well that the accumulated income of the Internet service providers on the list achieved a year-on-year growth of 46.7% and the aggregate net profit of the media companies on the list increased by 23.8% compared with the last year, much better than the average performance of Fortune 500 Companies. With regards to the traditional industries, they have varied performance because industry policies and market situations differ greatly, for example, the performance of the coal industry has been improved while the shipping industry still comes at the very bottom.

Fortune Top 500 Chinese Companies consist of 500 Chinese listed companies with the largest business scope. Candidates include companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange and those listed overseas while make business in mainland China. This year marks the 8th release of this list by Fortune.

CICC’s wealth management business was established in 2007. Adhering to the operation principle of “Professional Quality and Customized Service”, it provides customized products and services to high-net-worth individuals, families and enterprises and ensures that the clients’ investment needs are well met. CICC’s collaboration with Fortune fully demonstrates its influence in wealth management industry and, in the meantime, the industry’s recognition of its research strength.