CICC Celebrated Its 20th Anniversary in Beijing

(Beijing, China, November 6, 2015) China International Capital Corporation Limited (“CICC”) held “CICC Forum 2015” and celebrated the 20th Anniversary of its founding at Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse on November 3, 2015. CICC Chairman Xuedong Ding, CEO Mingjian Bi and further 300 guests from home and abroad attended the gala dinner.

Chairman Ding highlighted CICC’s achievements in the past 20 years and conveyed to guests that “As China’s economy enters a ‘new normal’ and China’s capital market embraces a new round of reform and innovation, CICC is committed to its core value of  ‘diligent & professional, enterprising, people-oriented with nation in mind, clients first,  integrity as foundation, Chinese roots and international reach’, capturing the new opportunities this era presents and putting forth untiring efforts to make CICC a world-class financial institution with global influence. We will work together for a bright future of CICC in step with China’s reforms”.

Mr. Edwin Lim, CICC’s first CEO and current independent director, congratulated CICC on its 20th anniversary. He was pleased to have witnessed great talent appear successively from CICC and had every confidence in CICC’s future development. Mr. Lim said that “This week is very important in that we will become a public company next week and I think the IPO of CICC will transform the nature of CICC. Chairman Ding’s vision is very important. We must now begin to aim at long term development, so we can become a century-old company.”

Mr Mingjian Bi, CEO of CICC, introduced the new management committee of CICC to guests and showed that “ The new management team will work hard to contribute to the mission of making CICC a time-honoured brand”.