CICC Celebrated its 20th Anniversary in London

(Beijing, China, September 17, 2015) China International Capital Corporation Limited (“CICC”) celebrated the 20th Anniversary of its founding and the 5th Anniversary of the opening of CICC UK in London on 10th September. Mr Xinhan Xia, the CEO of CICC UK, hosted the reception to mark the milestones at Lancaster House. CICC Chairman Xuedong Ding, CEO Mingjian Bi, Mr Xiaoming Liu, the Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Commercial Secretary at the Treasury Lord O’Neill, Lord Browne of Madingley and a further 300 guests, comprising distinguished policymakers, scholars, investors and Chinese and European corporations, attended the reception.

Chairman Ding conveyed to guests that “over the past twenty years, CICC had been consistent in its commitment to bridge the world whilst maintaining roots in China”. He said that “CICC remained committed to promoting leading Chinese companies and investors to engage deeper and broader in global capital markets” and highlighted that “we have actively provided quality professional services to international institutional investors and shared our in-depth and unparalleled knowledge of China and practice in China’s capital markets through our overseas offices. In just five years, our UK subsidiary had built up a strong Sales and Trading team with a solid international client base and a growing investment banking business. We believe the presence of CICC UK will continue to help forge the ties between China and the UK.”

Commercial Secretary at the Treasury Lord O’Neill said: “I’d like to congratulate CICC on its achievement. In the UK we’re doing lots of interesting things to foster and entrench sustainable growth, including building the Northern Powerhouse, as part of our plan to create a more balanced and resilient economy for working people. We’ve also recently published a Productivity Plan focused on securing long-term investment. All of this creates major opportunities for Chinese investment and expertise, and we look forward to continuing our highly productive relationship in coming years.”

“The outstanding performance of CICC has secured for the company a leading position in domestic investment banking and a good reputation in the global capital markets. CICC and CICC UK will have broader prospects and will see remarkable achievements in the future” said Ambassador Liu who also expressed hope that “CICC will play an even bigger role in Britain and make an even greater contribution to CICC overall financial diligence”.

Lord Browne said “It is a great pleasure to be here. I was here at the 15th anniversary and I said then what I am going to say again tonight, that it is great privilege to be associated with such a high quality set of people in China and the rest of the world.  It is tremendous to be here celebrating CICC’s 20th anniversary and I very much hope that I will be here for its 25th, 30th, maybe 50th anniversary. ”

Mr Mingjian Bi, Group CEO of CICC, made the closing remarks, commenting that he was happy to see that CICC UK “has grown into an important part of the CICC family” and thanking guests for their continued support, whilst acknowledging that CICC’s success was built upon the success of its clients. 

Founded in Beijing in 1995, CICC is the first joint venture investment bank that has consistently led the development of the investment banking industry in China over the past two decades and has built its global reputation on the strength of its investment banking, equity sales and trading, FICC, wealth management, investment and research. 

As a full service firm, CICC supports its global client base through offices in Mainland China, Hong Kong, New York, London and Singapore.