"CICC Investment Forum 2013" Was Successfully Held in Beijing

The year of 2013 has been marked by a diverging economic recovery around the globe; the Federal Reserve is moving closer to scaling back QE3, while the ECB is making every effort to decouple itself from influence of U.S. monetary policy, and emerging markets are bracing themselves for the impact of capital outflows. China, meanwhile, faces decelerating economic growth and many mounting, well-flagged structural issues. With this backdrop, China’s new administration has begun to employ a series of policies aimed at stabilizing growth, adjusting economic structure, and preventing systemic risk. How effective will these policies be in rejuvenating China’s economy? What is the crux of the structural problems that the Chinese economy faces? What is China’s mid/long-term economic policy direction?

To shed some lights on these issues, offer in-depth discussion on China’s economic challenges and policy outlook, and explore investment opportunities against this transition, CICC held its CICC Investment Forum (Beijing) 2013 on 2nd-3rd December in Beijing. “New Opportunities Arising From China’s Economic Transformation” was the theme of the forum. Over 800 clients joined this forum.