Face Challenges in Crisis, Pursue Development in Transformation: CICC Investment Conference 2012

Affected by the European debt crisis and protracted recovery of the US, the world economy has been overshadowed by the menace of a double recession. With inflation trending downward and growth slowing down, the pressure to keep growth from falling drastically and to accelerate economic transformation is mounting for the Chinese economy.
This forum was focused on topics of how to analyze major risks and policy directions of the world economy in 2012 and how to grasp the logic behind the evolving European debt crisis. Several important guests were invited to give speeches over the global and China economy, including Mr. Liqun JIN, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of China Investment Corporation, Mr. Deshui LI, Vice Chairperson of Economic Committee of the 11th National Committee of CPPCC and former Director General of National Bureau of Statistics of China, Mr. Yansheng ZHANG, former Director of Institute of Foreign Economy Research of National Development and Reform Commission, Mr. Tao ZHANG, Vice President of The National Statistical Society of China, Mr. Bin QI, Director General of Research and Strategy Center, China Securities Regulatory Commission, Mr. Shanda XU, President of The China Certified Tax Agents Association and former Deputy Director General of State Administration of Taxation, Mr. Quansheng CHEN, Counselor of State Council of China, Mr. Liang LI, Deputy Director of Department of Growth and Innovative Enterprises Offering Supervision of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Mr. Chenggang XU, Quoin Professor in Economic Development of University of Hong Kong. The forum was also supported by the local government and Mr. Sixian JIANG, the Vice Governor of Hainan Provincial Government, Party Chief of the Sanya City and Member of Board of Directors of Boao Forum for Asia, presented and gave a speech. The forum also opened a new session in the evening and invited Mr. Shangzhi WU, Chairman of CDH Ventures, and Mr. Nubo HUANG, Chairman of Zhongkun Investment Group Co., Ltd. to share their opinions over the international practice of China's private sectors.