CICC Forum 2010 (US), Series of CICC 15th Anniversary Celebration, has been Successfully Closed

To celebrate its 15th Anniversary, China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) held a seminar in the Waldorf Hotel, New York, on October 12th, 2010.
Levin Zhu, President and CEO of CICC, delivered the opening remarks and the seminar sessions were moderated by Zhang Lanlan, the CEO of CICC US Securities, and CICC's Managing Director Dr. Huang Haizhou, respectively. Discussion panelists included well-known American economist and professor of Columbia University, Jeffrey Sachs, the CEO of Permal Group, Isaac Souede, and the Director of the People's Bank of China, Zhang Tao. CICC's Chief Economist, Dr. Peng Wensheng and Dr. Charles Zhang Chaoyang, the President and Chairman of also participated in the seminar discussion.
During the seminar, speakers and around 80 economists, bankers and academic figures exchanged views and discussed China's future economic development and mutual cooperation between China and the US.