"CICC Night" 15th Anniversary Banquet Was Held in Shanghai

To celebrate its 15th Anniversary, China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) held a banquet in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Shanghai, on November 4th, 2010.
Member of the CPC Central Committee's Political Bureau and Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, Zhengsheng Yu and Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee and Mayor of Shanghai, Zheng Han both sent congratulatory messages. The city's Deputy Mayor, Baojun Ai and President of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Liang Geng, attended the banquet and made keynote speeches.
As Jiange Li, CICC Chairman pointed out at the reception that CICC has made solid steps in the expansion of its international business, under the development idea of "Rooted in China, Connecting the World”. The company has expanded its overseas presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and London, where services such as sales and trading, investment and management are systematically carried out. Looking into the future, CICC is poised to further implement its international development strategy, as well as serving as an important bridge between domestic and foreign capital markets.
At the reception Levin Zhu, President and CEO of CICC, emphasized how the company had forged ahead in tandem with China's development. Over the past 15 years, CICC had witnessed the growth of China's capital market, participated in the financing and reform of China's financial industry, assisted in broadening SOEs' financing channels, enhanced the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, and pressed forward the rapid development of key sectors concerned with national interests.
Over 120 guests, including supervisory department heads and CICC's long-term clients, attended the banquet, reviewed the company's development over the past 15 years and expressed their best wishes for its bright future.
China International Capital Corporation Shanghai Branch commenced operation in June 2000.