"CICC Night" 15th Anniversary Cocktail Reception Was Held in Singapore

To celebrate its 15th Anniversary, China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) held a cocktail reception in Marina Bay Sands Conference Centre, Singapore, on December 16th, 2010.
Distinguished guests, including Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore, Minglin Li and CEO of Singapore Exchange Limited, Magnus Bocker, marked the occasion by addressing the 160 local representatives of Chinese companies and business figures present at the cocktail reception.
Chairman of CICC, Jiange Li, announced to the assembled dignitaries that Singapore's capital market was the most important one in the Asia-Pacific region. On October 18th this year, CICC, as the joint lead manager, completed the IPO of Asia's largest logistic facilities provider, Global Logistic Properties Limited, raising over US$3billion, which is not only the largest IPO in Singapore since 1993, but also the largest in the global real estate industry to date.
Levin Zhu, President and CEO of CICC, believed that along with global integration, CICC's new objective was to establish a bridge between the domestic and global capital markets. He had every faith that CICC had already laid the foundations for this bridge - listing the company's sound business structure, profound knowledge of the Chinese economy and global capital markets, as well as a professional team with an international perspective. Levin detailed how CICC's long-term prospects were to continuously maintain and strengthen its links with Chinese enterprises, and to assist them in expanding their business into the global market. A toast to China and Singapore's future cooperation marked the end of CICC's series of 15th anniversary celebrations.
China International Capital Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd. obtained a license from the island's Financial Conduct Authority in July 2009.