CICC Forum 2011 Held in New York, US

With the implementation of its international strategy, CICC established overseas subsidiaries in London, New York, Singapore. With the earlier establishment of the Hong Kong subsidiary, CICC has initially set up an international business framework. On September 26th, 2011, CICC held their CICC Forum (US) in New York, and successfully copied the CICC Forum model overseas. CICC Forum (US) continued the CICC Forum’s tradition of high-level speakers, and topics close to the current economic situation.

The form of the forum includes keynote speeches and panel discussions. The forum invited distinguished US speakers in the fields of economics and finance, including former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, President of the International Finance Association Charles Dallara, Professor of Yale School of Management Zhiwu Chen, President of WL Ross Co. Wilbur Ross, Founder and President of Kynikos Associates James Chanos. From Chinese side, Chairman of Boyuan Foundation Qin Xiao, Director of International Department of People's Bank of China Zhang Tao, General Manager of the CIC Gao Xiqing, Chairman of Vanke Wang Shi also came to New York to attend and speak at the meeting.

The forum discussed, with the theme of "China at a crossroads: Assessing Growth Potential and Hard-Landing Risks", the sustainable economic development of China, the China-US political and economic relationship, and other topics. Dr. Kissinger, as CICC’s old friend, who also attended the fifteenth anniversary of CICC last year, gave a brilliant speech on China-US relationships during this year's forum. He said no matter what was said in the election campaigns, every American administration returned to the basics within 2 years, which was China and the United States needed to work together for the interest of their own people and for the interest of the world. Every Chinese administration, however evolutionary its origin was, also followed substantially the same path. Dr. Qin Xiao from Boyuan Foundation divided China’s economy into two different periods, by adoption of reform and opening-up policies in the late 1970s, and discussed the long-term and structural problems of China's economy. He pointed out that China had experienced rapid growth over the past 30 years. However, it has also suffered unbalanced and inefficient economic development and environmental pollution problems, due to the government-led, price focused and highly fixed-asset investments dependent and exports oriented economic growth model. China entered another 30-year development period since 2010, facing the challenge to transform its economic growth model into a healthy and sustainable pattern.

Nearly 300 distinguished U.S. institutional investors, companies, and some Chinese companies attended the forum. The forum offered US clients an opportunity to communicate directly with Chinese authorities, and better understand China's economic development and prospects.

Mr. Zhu Wanjin, Deputy Consul General of Chinese Consulate General in New York, and Mr. Richard Daley, former Mayor of Chicago, were guest speakers at the following cocktail reception.

CICC, as the host of the forum, further promoted corporate brand in US financial community and received positive feedback.