Rural Kindergarten Plan

Introduction: Initiated by CDRF, The Rural Kindergarten Plan aims to provide preschool education chance for left-behind children in rural areas and to promote the implementation of preschool education policies in central and western areas.

Objective: Provide demonstration for the province and political advice to the central government based on the implementation and evaluation; promote government’s introduction of policies in central and western regions.

Progress: At the beginning of the year, China Development Research Foundation presented Proposal on Establishing Rules for Children in State-level Poverty-stricken Area through DRC. The proposal has got instructions from CPC general secretary Xi Jinping, premier Li Keqiang, vice premier Liu Yandong and other party and state leaders. Currently, eight ministries and commissions including Ministry of Education, the national health and family planning commission, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance are in negotiations for the Development Plan for Children in State-level Poverty-stricken Area.

Program Implementation

> Located in the west of Hunan province and the central part of Xiangxi autonomous region, Guzhang is a key county for national poverty alleviation and development work.

> On September 26, 2012, CICC Charity Foundation, China Development Research Foundation and the government of Guzhang County in Hunan Province entered into a three-way agreement on the Rural Kindergarten Plan. Pursuant to the agreement, CICC Charity Foundation will donate RMB1 million to establish 40 rural kindergartens in Guzhang county, a state-level poverty-stricken county, and will be intensively involved in the whole execution process.

> It takes over a month for Guzhang county to complete the preparations from signing the agreement of Rural Kindergarten Plan to project layout, volunteer recruitment, training and the official launch of the project.

> In mid-October, 2012, Guzhang county opened a volunteer teacher training class and induction training was conducted for 40 volunteers.

> At the beginning of November, 2012, 40 rural kindergartens were officially opened with over 700 children enrolled. The enrollment rate for the three pre-school years in Guzhang county has increased by 13%.

> In September 2013, the number of kindergarten in Guzhang county subsidized by CICC Charity Foundation grew to 83 mountains.

CICC Charity Foundation acts as the collaborator

> Go-between: make more enterprises and caring people know about the rural kindergarten program

> Resource integration: raise fund and materials from all sectors of society

> Joint participation:as a charity platform, organize people from all walks of life to join the rural kindergarten program

Note: As a non-profit legal entity and national public-raising foundation, China Development Research Foundation was founded in November,1997 by Development Research Center of the State Council.