CICC Charity Foundation


As one of the platforms for CICC to conduct charity events, CICC Charity Foundation is committed to the corporate culture of social responsibility which is cherished by CICC. It encourages its employees to actively participate in social welfare activities and made great effort in natural disaster relief, improvement of education, health care and sanitation in poverty-stricken area, environmental and natural resource protection.


Carry forward corporate social responsibility.

Promote the development of social welfare.

Business Scope:

Help the sick and the wounded, and victims in natural disaster and emergencies.

Assist the government in improving the medical and health conditions of poverty-stricken areas, and protect personal life and health.

Assist the government in improving the school conditions in poverty-stricken area and migrants’ school, subsidize and support education.

Protect the environment and natural resources.

Vision:Focusing on education and bringing hope to students.