Wealth Research

CICC Wealth Research

In a bid to fully support the development of CICC Wealth Management, CICC set up the Wealth Research Department in 2010. By leveraging CICC’s firm-wide research strength, CICC Wealth Research offers professional product and equity research support to the high-net-worth individuals and corporates to meet their investment needs. With a universal coverage of all financial products across the market, the product research team is capable of introducing new product to wealth management platform, controlling quality strictly, and recommending outstanding product portfolio to clients in report form. Based on an extensive and in-depth study on equity market, the equity research team provides professional and detached opinions and comprehensive services with daily highlights and portfolio recommendations.

Through the seamless cooperation between investment consultants of CICC Wealth Management and professionals from CICC’s research team, CICC Wealth Research will deliver a world-class service platform and a think tank for CICC’s clients. With research coverage and services at various frequencies and categories, CICC Wealth Research will spare no effort in providing clients with the tailored advice and strategies. Moreover, we organize events like CICC Wealth Forum, CICC Corporate Day and conference calls, an unparalleled access for clients to communicate directly with CICC analysts.

Product Research by CICC Wealth Research

In product research, CICC WR has developed a comprehensive system with a wide coverage across various markets, regions and institutions. With in-depth study on all categories in financial market, CICC Wealth Research is intensively involved in the whole product process from product introduction to quality control. Currently, CICC Wealth Research has formed a specific product research system of cash management, fixed income, equity products, alternative investment and overseas products, which helps clients to select and allocate excellent products across the market through CICC Wealth Management platform. Meanwhile, CICC Wealth Research provides regular product summary on a weekly or monthly basis for latest updates and portfolio advice.

On top of product research, CICC Wealth Research provides regular reports with portfolio advice in response to the increasing wealth management demands from HNWIs. Moreover, by leveraging CICC’ strong research capabilities, CICC Wealth Research is able to provide professional investment guidance to CICC Wealth Management clients quarterly by our national leading strategy report on asset allocation.

Equity Research by CICC Wealth Research

In terms of equity research, the research team takes all factors into consideration, such as investment demand, risk preference as well as buyer and seller information, to deliver consistently quality services for all clients of CICC WM. The research team of CICC Wealth Research widely covers macro economy, strategy, industry and fixed income. By ways of building a large equity pool, exploiting new shares in time and recommending stocks according to market timing, CICC Wealth Research assists clients to trade in the secondary market.

The CICC Wealth Research equity research team has set up a series of report systems, such as daily highlights, weekly briefing, bi-weekly review, monthly recommendation and quarterly strategy. With research paper releasing, on-site visit and topic study, CICC Wealth Research is committed to providing long-term and in-depth research support. Additionally, investment consultants of CICC Wealth Management capitalize on the equity research results to provide "Golden Boy" smart portfolio and achieve one-button ordering for the stocks on CICC Wealth Management platform, making the investment more convenient and more value-added.