Investment Products

Diversified and Unique Product and Service Offerings, Global Capital Market Asset Allocation Advice

CICC WM has an extensive product and business support network, strong research  capability, and stringent product approval procedures. Through an open platform it provides quality products with different risk features, including: Cash management  products, Fixed income products, Equity products, Alternative investment products and so on.

With full understanding of our clients’ needs and preferences, we can satisfy their demands for trading and asset allocation according to different market conditions: Futures introducing broker (IB) business, Securities margin trading business, Total Return Swap (TRS) business, Stock buyout repo business, Stock pledge-style repo business.

We endeavor to offer “one-stop” products and services to our clients. On the basis of  in-depth understanding of their needs and risk tolerances, we provide professional advice  concerning asset allocation and portfolio management to help them minimize risk exposures  and maximize asset appreciation. We also provide full-scope after-sale services, such as client relationship maintenance, net value management advices, and regular follow-up  reviews.

Introduction of Oversea Wealth Management Business

Leveraging CICC’s firm platform and its global capital markets experience and vision, CICC Hong Kong Wealth Management offers one-stop overseas financial solutions to high-net-worth individuals, to help them inherit, allocate, protect and grow their overseas wealth.

Overseas Investment & Trading Services

CICC Hong Kong Wealth Management provides our clients with a trading platform covering major overseas stocks markets as well as bond markets globally. With CICC’s strong overseas networks, CICC Hong Kong Wealth Management helps our clients to directly participate in primary stock / bond offerings, private placements in secondary markets, as well as private equity investment and pre-IPO financings. Moreover, we offer margin trading services for professional investors to cater their investment needs.

Asset Allocation in Multi-asset Classes

CICC Hong Kong Wealth Management has established strong business relationships with a number of world renowned investment banks and commercial banks. Through an open architecture product platform, we are able to offer full spectrum of products in different asset classes with competitive pricings. With our professional assessment on the risk exposure, return performance and investment style, we have selected a series of mutual funds and hedged funds which are exposed to equities, bonds and CTA in HK, US and European markets.

Wealth Protection, Allocation and Inheritance

Through our experience in working with overseas wealth managers, CICC Wealth Management has thorough understandings of international wealth management business models. Together with our strength in identifying the needs of China’s High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs), we can accurately provide wealth management solutions, such as jumbo insurance, family trust and financing arrangement.

Our business partners include a number of world-class trust and insurance institutions, thus we can always provide professional, quality and tailor-made wealth management plan for our clients, in order to protect, allocate and inherit their wealth.

Capital Investment Entrance Scheme

As an eligible agency for Capital Investment Entrant Scheme certified by Immigration Department of Hong Kong SAR government, CICC HK Wealth Management is qualified to assist applicants with approval-in-principle to set up an investment account for the proposed capital investment for Hong Kong Residency. In order to meet different investment objectives, CICC can customize the investment plan for the applicants. In the 7-year investment horizon, we will continually follow up the portfolio for the client and ensure it is complied with all the requirements of the CIES. Moreover, we will assist the applicants to submit investment report to the Immigration Department regularly until their residency is obtained.

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