Our mission is to provide domestic and overseas clients with the most forward-looking investment analysis, derived from rigorous and independent professional research on a global platform.

China Research Team with international standards

With offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong and analysts in Singapore and New York, CICC Research boasts a strong team consisting of almost one hundred high-calibre analysts with excellent education background and wide experience in domestic and international capital markets. Our research covers global macro economies, financial markets, commodities and nearly one thousand Chinese domestic and overseas listed companies spanning more than 40 sectors. We deliver world-class research services to domestic and international investors, Chinese companies and government bodies. Our unbiased, independent and rigorous research has earned us a reputation as the most influential research institution in China's capital market for several years running.

Extensive Coverage

Our areas of expertise include:

Global macro economies

Global investment strategies

Global commodities

Quant and Index

Financial(Banks, Insurance, Securities, Investment Trust)

Real Estate

Energy(Oil and Gas, Coal)

Basic materials(Steel, Construction Materials, Paper and Forest, Chemicals, Nonferrous Metals, Precious Metals, Minor Metals)

Capital Goods(Construction and Engineering, Machinery, Electrical Equipment)

Alternative Energy, Environmental Service

City Utilities

Transportation(Marine Transportation, Ports, Toll Roads, Railways, Airlines, Airports, Storage and Logistics)

Telecommunications, Technology(Telecom Services, Software and Services, Technology Hardware and Equipment, Electronic Components)

Health Care

Auto and Parts

Consumer discretionary(Retail, Home Appliances, Apparel, Textiles, Tourism and Hotels)

Consumer staples(Food and Beverages, Agriculture)

Internet, Media

Rigorous Methodology

CICC Research provides the most forward-looking investment suggestions tailored to client needs. We use constantly updated financial models and trusted data from a wide variety of sources, and closely track the latest global and domestic trends. Accuracy and reliability are ensured by stringent quality control and nurtured within our professional and responsible business culture.

Independent and Unbiased

Our brand name and market influence are built around independence and impartiality. CICC has established a full set of rules to ensure the independence of Research Department in accordance with international best practice. The Research Department reports directly to CICC Management and inter-departmental firewalls avoid conflicts of interest. CICC's Compliance and Legal Departments formulate stringent standards and procedures so that all research is based on solid facts and sound reasoning.

Professional Service

Through cooperation with our Sales and Trading Department, we have built a world-class, professional service platform to meet growing client demand for timely analysis of increasingly complex global capital market dynamics, economic activities, government policies and industry landscapes. We issue regular and event-specific research reports providing timely comments on major market-moving events and in-depth scrutiny of key trends and inflection points. These are supplemented by regular forums, conference calls and site visits to provide customized services for key clients.

Industry Leadership

As China's capital market grows and blossoms, we have continuously upgraded our platform and honed our market insight by recruiting superior financial analysts, leveraging our unique competitive edges in domestic and overseas markets. These analysts have earned top rankings in domestic and international polls and helped firmly establish CICC as a top-quality, international-standard research institution.