CICC Private Equity

CICC Private Equity is including fund management or investment advisory services for the private equity of CICC, principal investments, CICC Jiatai Fund (RMB M&A Fund), RMB Venture Capital Fund, CICC Growth Capital Fund, CICC Financial Fund and real estate funds. CICC Private Equity looks at industrial consolidation, growth enterprise and cross-border investment opportunities. We have closed a number of successful investments in SOEs, private companies and foreign companies in the pharmaceutical, equipment manufacturing, consumer goods, renewable energy, new materials, chain stores, and financial services sectors. In this way we continuously boost the development of industry leaders by exploring and enhancing their value.

CICC Private Equity's Core Value

By following the philosophy of "mobilising firm-wide resources to maximise enterprise value" and leveraging the in-depth knowledge of our professional team in China's economic and business landscape, CICC Private Equity invests in quality companies with long-term growth potential, sustainable competitive advantages, and high-calibre management teams. We facilitate the growth of industry leaders by fully capturing and maximising the enterprise value of companies we invest in; in the meantime, we provide full protection for investors by abiding by our solid governance practices, and exercising strict investment management and reporting processes.

CICC Private Equity's Core Strengths

With a global perspective and extensive international network, we facilitate Chinese enterprises' growth in line with the best international practices. By introducing more sophisticated management skills and advanced technologies, we help to enhance the competency of Chinese enterprises in penetrating global markets.

A thorough understanding of the local market and regulatory environment, and extensive experience in restructuring and managing IPOs for Chinese enterprises. This insight into the Chinese economy, domestic industries and corporate practices helps our portfolio companies develop sustainable growth strategies, improve corporate governance, and implement effective incentive programmes.

Continuous value creation and enhancement carried out by leveraging our capabilities in a full range of financial services, including fundraising, M&A and advisory. Also, through our existing prestigious client bases, mainly industry leaders from a wide range of sectors, we can help our portfolio companies to establish cooperative ties with the industry leaders.

A team of world-class and seasoned professionals from CICC's own Investment Banking Department and other well-known international private equity firms with extensive experience in direct investment, corporate finance, restructuring, IPOs and M&As. These professionals have successfully originated and executed deals featuring a wide variety of industries, company life cycles, transaction structures and ownership structures so we are in a solid position to provide more efficient and effective post-investment value creation.

Highly disciplined investment process management, stringent compliance with laws and regulations, and prudent risk control systems.