CICC Fund Management Co., Ltd (refers to as “CICC Fund”) was founded in February 2014, wholly owned by CICC. CICC Fund is the ninetieth mutual fund management company approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission ( refers to as CSRC). Meanwhile, it is the first mutual fund management company established by a single shareholder under China’s regulation rules.

Mutual fund management is a significant business field that CICC has put efforts in developing for long time. The establishment of CICC Fund is a fundamental and strategic movement for CICC based on CICC’s understanding of the development of China’s capital markets and its own business plan. Supported by the advantages of CICC’s franchise, business network and collective creativity, CICC Fund is aiming to be a leading fund management company with characteristic branding in the market, providing a fully-fledged, trustable and quality asset management service to investors.

Business and Development

CICC Fund focuses on building the capability on investment, product manufacturing and distribution that servicing the investors’ needs for excess return and asset allocation. In the early stage of company development, CICC Fund places priority to develop prudent products with moderate risk, especially in quantitative hedge investment and fix income investment, etc. Meanwhile, guided and linked to CICC group’s macro developing strategy, client network, and business strength, CICC Fund will accordingly consummate product line, including equity products, and business platform step by step.

Inherited from CICC’s tradition of taking research as business foundation, CICC Fund aims for creating value by solidly grounded fundamental research, strives to contribute a mature and outstanding investment research team. Meantime, CICC has the comprehensive understanding about global capital market, domestic macro-economy and leading industry, furthermore, the leading position in financial innovation products, all these together could bring CICC Fund with significant researching source and foundation. We will take advantage of subjective initiative, improve independency and prospection of investment research, and create value for clients. The CICC Fund focuses on contributing customer service system, improving fund investment operation system and service process and strives to provide quality and convenient investing experience to investors.