CICC Asset Management Department (AMD) commits to provide high-quality, comprehensive services to help clients achieve sustainable long term asset appreciation and other financial goals. Established in 2002, AMD has been awarded various asset management licenses. Its business operation expands in both domestic and overseas markets.

Comprehensive Products

AMD offers a wide range of asset management products under various licenses. AMD has the licenses to manage assets for the National Social Security Fund and the Enterprise Annuity, the licenses to offer Collective Investment Schemes, Segregated Accounts, Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII) products in domestic markets; in Hong Kong, AMD has the Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII) license, Type 4 and Type 9 asset management licenses. AMD’s product lines cover stocks, bonds, index, hedge funds, derivatives, Fund of Funds and overseas markets.

Top-tier Clients

AMD serves the largest institutional investors, banks and corporations in China. Its clients include the National Social Security Fund, China Telecom, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, etc. To capitalize on the rapid growth of China’s asset management market, AMD is also exploring new market segments such as insurance companies, regional pension funds and high-net-worth individuals. AMD emphasizes the deep understanding of the clients’ investment needs and commits to build long-term relationships with clients.

Customized Services

AMD provides customized asset management services for clients through segregated accounts with tailor-made investment strategies, product solutions, and dedicated investment and client service teams. For example, through its QDII products, AMD helps clients invest in overseas stock (initial public offerings, follow-on offerings, market value management), hedge funds, and PE funds.

Cross-border Advantages

AMD is one of the first China’s institutions to provide overseas asset management services, investing in stocks, bonds and derivatives in Hong Kong and other Asian markets. AMD is the first to obtain a QDII license and launch a QDII product. AMD is also one of the first to obtain a RQFII license and launch a RQFII product. Through the asset management subsidiary established in 2005, AMD has the Type 4 and Type 9 licenses in Hong Kong.

Professional Systems

AMD has a team of professionals with extensive investment experience and international backgrounds. Since its inception, AMD has established rigorous investment procedures, effective risk management and internal control systems and efficient operating systems.

Professional Highlights and Industry Awards

  • “CICC No. 1” and “CICC arbitrage SMA series” received China’s best fixed-income product award and China’s best asset management innovation award respectively in 2012 China’s best wealth management institution competition sponsored by “Stock Daily”
  • CICC Total Return was recognised by The Asset as a highly commended investment product.
  • CICC AMD was rated 2nd in the "Best Asset Management of a securities company of the year" by China Securities "Golden Direction"
  • CICC Fund of Funds won the "Five Star Award" of 2010 for securities companies by GuoJin Securities
  • CICC Enhanced Debt and CICC No.1 were both ranked #3 in collective investment scheme products among securities companies, and were awarded the most popular product for securities companies in a poll hosted by China Private Fund Ranking
  • CICC Short Term Debt was awarded "Year of the Investment Product, fixed income" by First Financial Value Ranking
  • CICC AMD was awarded “Five Star Manager” by , and CICC Equity Selection Fund was awarded “Five Star Investment Fund”